1 Day of December – #Mail

christmass mail box in the snow pile

A Christmas Away from the Family

I used to look forward to Christmas all year when I was a kid. I enjoyed the feast, the decorations, our small-town tour, the anticipation of receiving gifts, the music—I could go on and on. And, while I genuinely liked almost every element of the season, Christmas Eve night at my grandparents’ house was my all-time favorite. I was surrounded by family, including my parent’s siblings and their families and my parents, grandparents. We ate a delicious supper, gathered around the most beautifully decorated tree, and opened presents one by one.

Then, with full stomachs and happy hearts, we all walked into the living room, where the world’s finest storytellers would take turns commanding the audience. They acted out various incidents and circumstances they had encountered throughout the previous year, leaving us all bent over in laughter. We were linked, understood, and understood each other.
This was the most beautiful time of year for me.

My relatives are now spread all over the world. Not to mention that I’m now an adult who lives at least five hours away from my nearest relative. These last few years, I’ve spent Christmas apart from my family.
And my heart longs for each one of them. So, in an attempt to relieve those longings, I started writing paper letters the old-fashioned way. Just to feel their touch and handwriting on paper.

I’m pretty sure that I’m not the only one who didn’t see relatives during the pandemic. But let’s hope for the best. That our close ones are safe and, let’s remember that we have 30 days till new years eve. So ill better start writing my batch of Christmas cards, and if you need some ideas for it, I gotch you 😉

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