30-Day Picture Challenge #November

November challenge  photo a day

Post A Photo Every Day For 30 Days!

Do you love snapping photos as much as I do? Do you also have a love of challenges? If so, you’ll love my 30-Day Picture Challenge! I’m kicking off this challenge on November 1st, which will run until November 30th. That’s right – it’s a 30-day challenge! But don’t worry – I know that putting yourself out there like this can be scary. You might be worried about what friends or family will think if they see your pictures. Or maybe you want to keep your life private. Whatever your reasons are for feeling this way, know that I understand. 

Make Some New Friends!

You’re going to make lots of new friends through this challenge! You’ll see what we mean as you chat with your fellow participants. The beauty of this challenge is that you get to meet people who love the same things you do. You can get to know each other and become friends over the next few weeks, and maybe even have some people to keep you accountable and inspire you through the challenge. These friendships will be great for your mental health, so join the challenge and make some new friends!

30 Days, 30 Photos: How It Works

For this challenge, you will post a photo daily for 30 days! That’s a lot, but it can be fun if you let it. One day, your topic might be “water.” The next, it might be “babies.” The following, you might post about “your neighborhood.” We’ve designed this challenge to be entirely open-ended – no rules exist!

Decide On Your Topic(s)

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what your main topics will be. This could be anything you want – animals, nature, colors, etc. Choose a specific place or city. Or, you could post things that represent your life right now. I suggest choosing 2-3 topics based on what you like the most or what might come to you the easiest.

Don’t Be Discouraged If You Fail (Or Don’t Want To) After Day 1 Or 2!

This challenge might be a little overwhelming, and that’s okay! You might think, “oh no, I don’t even have a camera! I can’t do this!” But don’t worry! You don’t need fancy equipment to take a beautiful photo. You can have the newest, shiniest camera to take a great picture. All you need is a phone, a friend, and an open eye and mind!

Tips For Taking Great Photos During The Challenge

Be open to new experiences and people: – This is important for all parts of life, but it’s especially true for photography. You’ll only grow or learn if you take photos of what you’re comfortable with and know. If you see something interesting, go for it! Approach new people, and try new things – it’s all part of learning. Don’t be discouraged if your first photo attempt fails. Try again tomorrow! Don’t just take photos of your friends and family: – Of course, you can take pictures of people you love and who mean a lot to you – but don’t forget to take photos of other things, too. You might think a photo of your house would be uninteresting – but that’s up to you to decide. Take pictures of anything, and they don’t have to be boring. You have to open your mind to new possibilities.

Bottom line

This 30-Day Picture Challenge is a great way to improve your photography skills, meet new people and learn more about yourself. Plus, it’s a great way to document your life! If you’re a visual person, you’ll love this challenge. And please tag me; I wanna see your pictures!


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