Hong Kong

10 Must Eat Hong Kong Foods

Whether you’ve just arrived or are a local, chances are you’ll discover new things about Hong Kong. One of the many things we loved was their delicious food! From the street hawker to fine dining, there is much to experience and explore when it comes to eating in this city. From local delicacies to international…

Elgin Street

A collaboration between renowned British street artist Dan Kitchener (also known as Dank) and Charles Williams, this gorgeous mural painted in Kitchener’s typical urban impressionism style – think soft neon lighting – is a unique depiction of a rainy Hong Kong evening. Inspired by the charity Feeding Hong Kong, the street art also features the Chinese phrase…

10 Hong Kong travel tips

Usually, first-time visitors are thrilled about their trip, but they are also concerned about various issues, including visas, language, accommodations, shopping, transportation, etc.With this simple guide, you’ll be able to explore the area better. Is it going to be your first time in Hong Kong? Let me make your life easy with these simple yet…

Hong Kong’s Jumbo Floating Restaurant Sleeps With The Fishes — Salsaworldtraveler’sblog

Jumbo Floating Restaurant was an icon synonymous with Hong Kong since it’s opening nearly 50 years ago. At 250 feet (76 meters) long it served Cantonese cuisine to millions of customers/tourists over the years from its mooring in the safety of Hong Kong’s Aberdeen Harbor. The restaurant closed in March 2020 due to the pandemic. The […]…

Tian Tan Buddha, Hong Kong

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