Japan – The land of the rising sun

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Japan got 252 tourists out of 120,400 foreign visitors in June.

The number of foreign visitors to Japan in June exceeded 100,000. For the third consecutive month following the easing of border control measures. Preliminary government data showed Wednesday. […]

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The Top 10 Hidden Gems in Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital and a prominent tourist attraction globally, is a city rich with Buddhist temples, castles, and Shinto shrines.But, did you know that Kyoto Prefecture boasts […]

Reblog :Theory As To Why The Japanese “Killing Stone” Housing An Evil Spirit Broke Specifically in 2022 — Chaotic Pear Publications

An ancient rock in Japan rumoured to hold an evil spirit split in half all of a sudden. But what if the news that covered the incident had […]

おみくじ or o-mikuji

These are fortune-telling papers. If you don’t like the outcome of what they predict. You just tie them to a rope and forget about them. On the other […]

Monorail with Pokémon

The carriages are full of Pokémon too! Not only the walls, the floor, the windows, the handles, and the central banners are full of Pokémon. But the jingles […]

the cliff in cape manzamo in okinawa japan

20 Things to Do in Okinawa Part 2

Here is the second part of 20 of the top things to do in Okinawa, Japan. Ranging from diving with sharks. From sailing across an island chain to […]

20 Things to Do in Okinawa Part 1

From diving with sharks to sailing through a chain of islands to relaxing on a beach, here are 20 of the best things to do in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawa is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan and comprises over 160 islands. The chain of islands is south of Japan’s main island and is arguably…

Seven myths about Okinawa

Most people are familiar with the Japanese capital of Tokyo and Osaka, and Kyoto, but much of this fascinating nation remains a mystery to visitors. Here are seven […]

Okinawa, Japan

Known as the “Hawaii of Japan”, Okinawa has amazing star-gazing, diving, unique cuisine, and yes, cherry blossoms too. Whatever misconceptions you might have had about this prefecture, we […]

Yosa Buson

Drinking up the cloudsit spews out cherry blossoms –Yoshino Mountain. Wind blowsthey scatter and it diesfallen petals Petals fallingunable to resistthe moonlight Sakura, sakurathey fall in the dreamsof […]

Haiku Poetry About Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

A cloud of cherry blossoms;The temple bell,-Is it Ueno, is it Asakusa? How many, many thingsThey call to mindThese cherry-blossoms! Very brief –Gleam of blossoms in the treetopsOn […]

Masaoka Shiki

The cherry blossoms:Being ill, how many thingsI remember about them Scatter layerby layer, eight-layeredcherry blossoms Moon at twilighta cluster of petals fallingfrom the cherry tree cherry blossom petalsblown […]

Evening blossom

A visit to Tokyo in late March or early April isn’t complete without a hanami (flower-viewing) session to see Japan’s iconic cherry blossoms or sakura. If you can’t […]

Katsuyama Park, Japan

This bridge leads from the Sakura City Museum to Katsuyama Park, built in the remains of Katsuyama Castle. During the “hanami” season there are several trees that flower […]

Hikarigaoka park, Nerima-ku, Japan

A pillar of anime history, surrounded by neighborhood parks and gardens. Nerima City, a central, yet beautifully green neighborhood, is well known among anime fans as the birthplace […]


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