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Most visitors will travel to Kanto to see Tokyo, but the area offers many other cities worth exploring.

Kanto is a region on the eastern side of Japan’s main island. Honshu, and, is the country’s most urbanized and highly inhabited territory.

A handful of volcanic islands in the Pacific Ocean are also part of the area. Izu Oshima, the biggest of the Izu islands, can be reached in under 2 hours by high-speed jetfoil from Tokyo.

A 25-hour ferry voyage to the subtropical Ogasawara Archipelago. For breathtaking landscapes and sunset, whale gazing is the ultimate distant experience.

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The huge Tokyo megalopolis stands at the center of the Kanto area. Extending all the way from Tokyo Bay to the surrounding mountains that form the regional border.
The prefecture’s 23 city wards are home to many sites. With each region quickly taking up a whole day to visit.
From the classic attractions of Asakusa to the retro game hubs of Akihabara. To the opulent shopping area of Ginza, there’s always something new around the corner.
A drive up to Mount Takao or an afternoon in Okutama. It may be just what the doctor ordered for those looking to get away from it all.



Kanagawa is located to the south. And includes the cosmopolitan port city of Yokohama and the ancient seaside village of Kamakura.
Hakone is a famous romantic vacation due to its many onsens (hot spring spas). And stunning views of neighboring Mount Fuji.
With a range of activities to select from and easy access from central Tokyo. It’s no surprise that it’s a popular weekend day trip.

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To the north, the Gunma Mountains offer a variety of outdoor activities. Ranging from skiing in the winter to canyoning in the summer. One of the prefecture’s main attractions is a visit to the hot spring town of Kusatsu. The water at one of the country’s most popular spring towns is recognized for its therapeutic capabilities. Which may be just what you need after a day spent outdoors.

Kawagoe hikawa shrine


Saitama is easily accessible by various rail lines that connect it to Tokyo’s Ikebukuro and Shinjuku areas.
Popular day-trips include visiting the village of Kawagoe, where travelers may see a more traditional side of Japan as they wander through the alleys lined with wooden warehouses.
Try the candied sweet potato and the candy that most Japanese people grew up with.
Chichibu is also gaining prominence in seasonal outdoor activities, with everything from river cruises to campsites available at any time of year.

Hike up Mount Nokogiriyama


Most guests will arrive at Tokyo Narita Airport, which is located in Chiba, some 60 kilometers east of the city, and is also home to Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea.
Chiba is a popular summer getaway for residents of neighboring prefectures, and it remains an outstanding location for nature enthusiasts.
Whether it’s an exciting trip up Mount Nokogiri where you could see a monkey or two or getting up early to enjoy the sun rays trickling down Kameiwa Cave, there’s still a lot to explore.