Tochigi Prefecture

 tochigi prefecture

About Tochigi

Tochigi Prefecture is located approximately 100 km north of Tokyo. Utsunomiya, its most populous city, and can be reached in about one hour by Shinkansen. The northern Nasu and Nikko areas are home to mountains with peaks more than 2,000 meters high. Giving way to wide open plains in the south. Each area has its own distinct features. From the Nasu area, one of Japan’s premier highland resort areas. To the Nikko area and its UNESCO World Heritage shrines and temples in the mountains. The central area with Utsunomiya as its transportation hub, thriving traditional crafts in the eastern area. And the southern area nearest to Tokyo once flourished a commercial center.

nature of tochigi prefecture


In Japan, there are marked changes in the four seasons, and the trees and flowers appear different in each season, including the cherry blossoms in spring and the autumn leaves in fall. Here, we introduce Tochigi Prefecture as a prominent place for viewing flowers. In Tochigi Prefecture, mid-April to June following cherry blossom viewing season is a perfect time to see wisteria blooms that form a canopy under the sky and azalea with lovely red and pink flowers.

culture of tochigi prefecture


Many cultures have taken root in each area of Japan’s island country. Traditional crafts showcasing and using local materials and festivals that pass along history. Onsens (hot springs) are formed by Tochigi’s bountiful nature. What it means to have a culture firmly rooted in each location’s history. This page describes the onsen culture of Tochigi, which has approximately 600 springs.

history of tochigi prefecture


There are several famous historical structures in Japan, particularly in Kyoto, the old capital, and Kamakura, where the samurai culture flourished. Among these is the World Heritage site of Nikko’s Shrines and Temples in Tochigi Prefecture.
The famous Nikko Toshogu Shrine is part of the complex site and has retained its breathtaking aspect 400 years after it was built. To examine the beauty of Toshogu Shrine’s structure, we conduct a tour with a shrine carpenter in charge of its restorations.

food and drinks of tochigi prefecture

Food & Drink

Japan ranges from north to south and varies by area in climate, culture, and regional delicacies fostered by the soil.
Tochigi Prefecture is located around 100 kilometers north of Tokyo in a region that transitions from hilly terrain to an open plain.
It also offers a range of local specialties. That has been cultivated by the mountains and the clean streams from those mountains.
Among the various local specialties of Tochigi Prefecture, we focus on three well-known Japanese delicacies: wagyu (Japanese beef), yuba (tofu skin), and Japanese sake (rice wine).

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