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Mihama American Village

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The Mihama American Village (アメリカンビレッジ) is an extensive entertainment facility in Honto, central Okinawa. There are several American military bases in the region.
The Americana concept of the entertainment complex gives a nostalgic delight for base inhabitants and an intriguing diversion for locals.
The Mihama American Village resembles a large American outdoor shopping mall, complete with several stores, restaurants, cafés, and a vast parking lot.

The massive Ferris wheel is the most iconic feature of the American Village. Many enterprises have an Americana theme, such as fashion boutiques offering American brand goods or eateries specializing in hot dogs and hamburgers. The Mihama, 7 Plex movie theater, shows American and Japanese films. Sunset Beach is just a few feet away along the shore. The beach, which faces west, is a favorite area for barbecues and is a beautiful place to watch the sunset.

One of the village’s shops

Quick Facts

  • There is a giant Ferris wheel over the Dragon Palace arcade
  • Depot Island contains more than 100 stores and restaurants

How to Get There

From the Naha Bus Terminal, take bus number 28 or 29 to Mihama American Village Iriguchi. It takes around 40 minutes.

Driving north on Route 58 takes roughly 30 minutes. However, during rush hour, it may take substantially longer.

Shop and restaurant hours do vary, however, most shops and restaurants are open from 11:00~21:00 daily. The Ferris wheel is open from 11:00~22:00 daily and costs ¥500.

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