Verona Series – Vol. 02

Verona, Italy
Verona Italy

2. Scaliger Tombs – 3 skq.m. cage with 5 EUR fee entrance is not worth it, at all.

Located next to the Piazza dei Signori, the Scaliger Tombs. A series of Gothic funerary monuments dedicated to the influential Scaliger family.

This family ruled Verona for many years, and the heads of the house sat as the Lords of Verona.

Enclosed within a series of ornate Iron grills. Tombs have a Gothic design and feature a central arched structure with many pointed towers and stone sculptured decoration.

Five tombs in total sit in the enclosure dedicated to Cangrande I, Mastino II, Cansignorio, Alberto II and Giovanni.

The last monument is actually built into the wall of the adjoining chapel. And features an ornate coffin as well as death mask.

Unfortunately, I paid the fee, with the thought that there are more than three tombs and three skq.m. cage, and there wasn’t anything else to see.  

3. Castle Vecchio

That is a hugely important structure and has stood since its initial construction in 1354. Serving as a primary mode of defense for the city. This castle was the greatest achievement of engineering for the Scaliger dynasty.

The front gatehouse of the castle is quit imposing and features a series of crenelated battlements and two guard towers.

Inside there is a museum dedicated to the history of the castle. That contains a myriad of artifacts and factual displays.

Furthermore, there is the fantastic Castle Vecchio Bridge. That is attached to the main complex and provides fantastic views down to the river.

4. Ponte di Castle Vecchio

At the time of its construction, the bridge was the longest of its kind in the world.

Connected to the Castle Vecchio, the bridge is decorated in the same style as the walls of the castle. And features a fantastic series of crenulated battlements that you can see through down the River Adige.

As with the most of the historic buildings of Verona created during this era. Bridge is made from red brick which makes it stand out against the landscape of the city.

Furthermore, there is several series of stairs that you can climb in the towers of the bridge to gain an elevated viewpoint.

Aside from walking across the bridge, ensure that you walk along the river bank to view it and photography it from the side.

5. Arena di Verona

Forget about the Colosseum in Rome; Verona has its own version that is just as spectacular and possibly better preserved.

This national landmark is not well known, but it stands as a triumph of Roman engineering and is a true wonder.

Located in the middle of the historic town center. Arena is an immense Colosseum that contains literally of its original seating and exterior arches.

Constructed in 30 AD, it is remarkable that this structure is still existing in such a fine condition for thousands of years.

Various shows and games would have been held here. Such as the Roman Ludi and at its peak, the amphitheater would have held 30,000 spectators.

Today you can walk inside the Arena and admire its historical flare; furthermore, spectacular concerts and musical shows are still held here.

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