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Nara is a city in the prefecture of the same name in south-central Japan. It’s larger than you might think, and its dense forest makes it feel even more remote. In the past, Nara was an important site for producing sacred texts. Today, it’s most famous for its resident population of wild Asian red deer (also known as ‘Sika deer’). The deer roam freely throughout Nara Park, a large green expanse covering… Read More

The Ushiku Daibutsu is bordered by a large park with over 100 cherry trees that blossom from early to mid-April. Pink moss (April), poppies (May), and cosmos are among the other blooms in the park (September and October).The two-story Hakkenmon Gate holds three Buddha pictures on the second level. A pond represents the source of life. Japan’s most giant bronze incense burner. And a miniature Pure Land garden picturing Buddhist paradise greet… Read More

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