About Me

Hi there, I’m Jelena, a traveler, a photographer, and an Explorer.

My nickname – Sudrabfox, consists of an old joke that stuck to me and became my official alias. So you can call me Silver.  

I’m starting this blog coz I was asked so often by my followers and friends, “when you will make your blog, when can we read it.” People asked for hidden gems, maps, insider info, and many other things.  

And to be completely honest, I tried to do that in my IG post, but as it showed, no one is interested in reading long texts in IG; that’s understandable. IG is primarily for photo sharing. That’s why I will just start my blog as it is. Without worrying about how my blog looks or how the starts will look like. Straight and simple. 

To make a long story short, this blog is about adventures female solo travels in search of spiritual. And, of course, “food travels.” 

Occasionally even meeting with people who approached me on IG (Yes, that also happens) and sharing stories and skills, I learned and would like to share them with others.  You won’t see here beauty tips or tricks, but I have 0 problems showing you what is in my cosmetics bag that I’m taking with me. And if I’ll find something that helped me, I will share it with you, even if that will be a perfect face toner from Alaska (and yes, I’ll add a link to it, so you will be able to find it).

On this note, let me finish this watery piece of content, and if you made it till the end, you are my hero. Hope to see you again soon, here or on IG.

Welcome to,

Solo female travel blog featuring travel tips, videos, and photography from around the world.