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This category will have 4 primary targets, such as” solo female travel,” “adventure travel,” “spiritual travel,” and don’t let us forget the main one, “food travel.”


This category is for everything in Asia, starting with destination points, sightseen, culture, tips, and tricks. Suggestions and a lot of pictures from my travels.

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This category is mainly for the reblogged content; no matter what platform it will be, there will always be a link to the source, so you can find the original.

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Eco Edo Nihonbashi Festival

Head over to Nihonbashi for some summer feels. Savor traditional Japanese sweets as you stroll the streets of this historic […]

5 Tips On How To get out of The Nara with good memories and without bite marks⁣.

I promised you I would share my mistakes and travel tips and tricks, so let’s start. If you have your […]

10 Hong Kong travel tips

Usually, first-time visitors are thrilled about their trip, but they are also concerned about various issues, including visas, language, accommodations, […]

Hong Kong’s Jumbo Floating Restaurant Sleeps With The Fishes — Salsaworldtraveler’sblog

Jumbo Floating Restaurant was an icon synonymous with Hong Kong since it’s opening nearly 50 years ago. At 250 feet […]

Seh Tek Tong Cheah Kongsi 世德堂謝公司

Seh Tek Tong Cheah Kongsi 世德堂謝公司, on Armenian Street in Penang. Is one of the most beautiful clan temples tucked […]

Beijing Dragons, 北京市中国

The Dragon is the symbol of the Emperor in ancient China. Who has a title as a real dragon and […]

gray and black dslr camera beside sun hat and sunglasses

How you can book cheap flights for your next vacation

Getting the best bargain on airline tickets might help you better manage your total vacation budget. To assist with this, […]

Japan got 252 tourists out of 120,400 foreign visitors in June.

The number of foreign visitors to Japan in June exceeded 100,000. For the third consecutive month following the easing of […]

wood bird art summer

The Top 10 Hidden Gems in Kyoto

Kyoto, Japan’s cultural capital and a prominent tourist attraction globally, is a city rich with Buddhist temples, castles, and Shinto […]


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