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This category will have 4 primary targets, such as” solo female travel,” “adventure travel,” “spiritual travel,” and don’t let us forget the main one, “food travel.”


This category is for everything in Asia, starting with destination points, sightseeing, culture, tips, and tricks. Suggestions and a lot of pictures from my travels.

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This category is mainly for the reblogged content; no matter what platform it will be, there will always be a link to the source, so you can find the original.

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5 Tokyo Hotels With Onsens

What is the first thing that comes to mind when you hear the word onsen?Where nice and quiet, where you…

Korean Food vs. Japanese Food

Welcome, my dear foodie friend!! It’s food o’clock; of course, you know today’s topic. Korean Food vs. Japanese Food: Which…

Easy travel without additional excursions to the pharmacy.  

People usually don’t want to discuss this very sensitive yet excellent topic. Even though during Covid19, people didn’t travel that…

Japan vs. China Part #2

There are many Asian countries to explore and enjoy. Choosing between them can be a big challenge. Many Asian countries…

Enoshima Christmas Lights 2022・4K HDR

Island Enoshima in the Kanagawa prefecture gets dressed in lights before each Christmas. While it’s not as big as Yomiuri…

Japan vs. China Part #1

Let’s start by introducing ourselves because I’m not alone this time, and it’s something new. I wanted to do this…

Kaiseki ryori (懐石料理)

TOCWhat is Kaiseki ryori? Kaiseki ryori (懐石料理) or Kaiseki cuisine is a traditional multi-course cuisine in Japan. It is one…

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