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This category will have 4 primary targets, such as” solo female travel,” “adventure travel,” “spiritual travel,” and don’t let us forget the main one, “food travel.”


This category is for everything in Asia, starting with destination points, sightseen, culture, tips, and tricks. Suggestions and a lot of pictures from my travels.

Clear water at the beach


This category is mainly for the reblogged content; no matter what platform it will be, there will always be a link to the source, so you can find the original.

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Terracotta Warriors in Xi’an, China

The Terracotta Warriors are the primary reason visitors travel two and a half hours north of Shanghai to Xi’an. This […]

Reblog :Theory As To Why The Japanese “Killing Stone” Housing An Evil Spirit Broke Specifically in 2022 — Chaotic Pear Publications

An ancient rock in Japan rumoured to hold an evil spirit split in half all of a sudden. But what […]

Forest of Stele Museum

Xi’an’s Stele Forest (Bei Lin) Museum is located at 15 Sanxue (Three School) Street, near the City Wall’s south gate. […]

Xi’an City Night Walk | 西安 | 大唐不夜城

The Great Tang Mall, also called Grand Tang Dynasty Ever Bright City. It is a 2100 m pedestrian street located south […]

おみくじ or o-mikuji

These are fortune-telling papers. If you don’t like the outcome of what they predict. You just tie them to a […]

Monorail with Pokémon

The carriages are full of Pokémon too! Not only the walls, the floor, the windows, the handles, and the central […]

the cliff in cape manzamo in okinawa japan

20 Things to Do in Okinawa Part 2

Here is the second part of 20 of the top things to do in Okinawa, Japan. Ranging from diving with […]

20 Things to Do in Okinawa Part 1

From diving with sharks to sailing through a chain of islands to relaxing on a beach, here are 20 of the best things to do in Okinawa, Japan. Okinawa is one of the 47 prefectures of Japan and comprises over 160 islands. The chain of islands is south of Japan’s main island and is arguably…

Seven myths about Okinawa

Most people are familiar with the Japanese capital of Tokyo and Osaka, and Kyoto, but much of this fascinating nation […]


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