30-day challenge December 2021

30 day picture, Sudrabfox Notes

The best part about 30-day challenges is that making slight adjustments one at a time (i.e., focusing on only one challenge for 30 days). Is far more sustainable in the long run than trying to revamp all of your habits and routines at once.

30-day picture challenge

The basic concept is to use images/topics that appear ordinary and nothing out of the usual. A photography challenge for each day certainly enhances creativity and skills. The point of the difficulty that offers you both a thrill and an excitement instills anxiety in you. In photography, the things we are most frightened of doing often lead to the most essential progress. They teach us far more skills and boost our confidence than performing things in our comfort zone all of the time.

But I’m not a fan of just doing things because they terrify you. There must be some joy and excitement involved, as well as a desire to complete the task; otherwise, you will fail.

So here we go! And if you want to join in, tag me so I can Reblog it 😉

30 day picture, Sudrabfox Notes

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