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A city with a picturesque, historic canal area. Kurashiki (倉敷) is in Okayama Prefecture, not far from Okayama City, the prefectural capital. The city features a canal area preserved throughout the Edo Period (1603-1867). Then the town was a vital rice delivery center. In reality, the name “Kurashiki” translates approximately as “town of storehouses,” referring to the rice storehouses. Kurashiki’s historic warehouses are now being transformed into museums, stores, and cafés. The… Read More

Sunshine and Peaches Okayama is the place to go in Chugoku Region. If you want to live in a beautiful rural setting right out of a picture book. The Seto-Ohashi bridge spans the Seto Inland Sea. Connecting Kojima in Okayama to Kagawa in Shikoku. You may enjoy beautiful views of Mount Washu from this impressive demonstration of contemporary engineering. Or take a boat excursion from the dock. The prefecture’s mascot is the… Read More

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