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korean food vs Japanese food

Welcome, my dear foodie friend!! It’s food o’clock; of course, you know today’s topic. Korean Food vs. Japanese Food: Which One Is Better?A trending topic and a battlefield for Asia fans. That’s why today I have two friends accompanying me in this “Battle-Royal.” Once again, we have as today’s jury : Ajan Rena is a beautiful warmhearted, chaotic CF gamer who loves to eat. Who traveled almost nones-stop for seven years.Milena, aka… Read More

People usually don’t want to discuss this very sensitive yet excellent topic. Even though during Covid19, people didn’t travel that often, health question was more important than ever. That’s why “we,” and by that, I mean myself and our guest Tatjana Mitina.  A nutritionist who can enlighten us about alternatives to the popular over-the-counter medicine used to deal with various health problems can suggest good and less damaging things. Ajan.Rena: I’m hoping we… Read More

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