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For all the times you’ve brought a smile and made my days seem brighter. Happy Women’s Day! Life would not have been possible without you. I am what I am because of you. Happy Women’s Day! She is a Dreamer, she is a believer, she is a doer, she is an achiever, and that she is “You”. Happy Women’s Day.

a man sitting outside of the famous petra

Check out those recommendations for preparing for cultural differences you may encounter overseas. You can make the most of this incredible opportunity! Traveling to another country is one of life’s greatest pleasures. We are fortunate as humans to be able to travel across borders and experience diverse cultures for relatively little time and money. Traveling is essential to develop a more open-minded and mature sense of the world and its billions of… Read More

People usually don’t want to discuss this very sensitive yet excellent topic. Even though during Covid19, people didn’t travel that often, health question was more important than ever. That’s why “we,” and by that, I mean myself and our guest Tatjana Mitina.  A nutritionist who can enlighten us about alternatives to the popular over-the-counter medicine used to deal with various health problems can suggest good and less damaging things. Ajan.Rena: I’m hoping we… Read More

There are many Asian countries to explore and enjoy. Choosing between them can be a big challenge. Many Asian countries share some similarities, yet they all have unique lifestyles, cultures, and identities. For an unforgettable Asian experience, Japan vs. China are two countries to visit. They both have a lot to offer, each one having its advantages. If you’re trying to choose between them, we’re here to help. This post will look… Read More

Let’s start by introducing ourselves because I’m not alone this time, and it’s something new. I wanted to do this collaboration for a long time, and let’s hope we will have plus one soon. Ajan.Rena: Thanks for having me here; I couldn’t resist this topic, although I’m not 100% a travel blogger. But I hope that some of my intel and ideas will help people considering the same question. Sudrabfox: You are welcome; it’s… Read More

I promised you I would share my mistakes and travel tips and tricks, so let’s start. If you have your own opinion, that’s very good. I would really want to hear it in the comments. ⁣ 1. Remember that the Deer Are Wild Animals⁣ The most crucial point to remember is that the deer in Nara are living there because they have been considered sacred animals. Yes, they are used to the… Read More

The number of foreign visitors to Japan in June exceeded 100,000. For the third consecutive month following the easing of border control measures. Preliminary government data showed Wednesday. Arrivals in the month of 120,400 were more than 10 times those of June 2021. But still down 95.8 % from the same month in the pre-pandemic year of 2019. According to the Japan National Tourism Organization. It said that Japan opened its doors… Read More

A woman’s health and well-being are vital not just for her but also for society.Both men and women must take time out of their hectic lives to cleanse themselves for improved health. What could be better for ladies than women-only getaways that include leisure activities and skilled treatments? “Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women,” Said former US First Lady Michelle Obama… Read More

This year’s summer traveling theme is chaos. According to a survey, nearly 80% of people who have traveled this year have experienced some kind of problem. The most common issues were high prices, long waits, and poor customer service. Most common inconveniences Rental cars are expensive and in short supply. Airlines have canceled and delayed flights by the thousands. And periods of $5-per-gallon gas have jacked up the price for a simple family road trip.  The… Read More

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