Sudrabfox Notes


The Clan Jetties are considered one of the last bastions of ancient Chinese settlements on the island. And house the stilt houses of various Chinese clans. There were seven jetties until one was destroyed by fire, and now only six remain. The Clan Jetties are located on Penang’s Heritage Trail. These water villages, are over a century old. Located exactly on Lebuh Chulia (near Kapitan Kling Mosque) on Pengkalan Weld (Weld Quay)…. Read More

The Japanese have proclaimed the chrysanthemum as their national symbol. And celebrate the ‘Festival of Happiness’ every year in honour of the chrysanthemum. They believe that a chrysanthemum petal at the bottom of a wine glass will bring you a happy and healthy life.

I love this kind of painting; it’s meditation. And rice paper does not allow tracing, or is it forgiving. Especially if you are leaving just the contour. That’s makes it so attractive for me. It resembles a real-life situation. Even if you have a perfect blueprint while replicating it, you make it your own, thanks to your painting technique.

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