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There are many Asian countries to explore and enjoy. Choosing between them can be a big challenge. Many Asian countries share some similarities, yet they all have unique lifestyles, cultures, and identities. For an unforgettable Asian experience, Japan vs. China are two countries to visit. They both have a lot to offer, each one having its advantages. If you’re trying to choose between them, we’re here to help. This post will look… Read More

Let’s start by introducing ourselves because I’m not alone this time, and it’s something new. I wanted to do this collaboration for a long time, and let’s hope we will have plus one soon. Ajan.Rena: Thanks for having me here; I couldn’t resist this topic, although I’m not 100% a travel blogger. But I hope that some of my intel and ideas will help people considering the same question. Sudrabfox: You are welcome; it’s… Read More

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