Haiku Poetry About Japan’s Cherry Blossoms

A cloud of cherry blossoms;The temple bell,-Is it Ueno, is it Asakusa? How many, many thingsThey call to mindThese cherry-blossoms! Very brief –Gleam of blossoms in the treetopsOn a moonlit night. A lovely spring nightsuddenly vanished while weviewed cherry blossoms Basho Matsuo

Masaoka Shiki

The cherry blossoms:Being ill, how many thingsI remember about them Scatter layerby layer, eight-layeredcherry blossoms Moon at twilighta cluster of petals fallingfrom the cherry tree cherry blossom petalsblown by the spring breeze againstthe undried wall Masaoka Shiki

Kawazu-zakura: Japan’s most romantic flower.

Kawazu-zakura is a popular flower in Japan. It’s also known as “the weeping cherry,” and the reason why it’s called the weeping cherry is because of its drooping branches. Kawazu-zakura is seen as a metaphor for sorrowful love, making it the perfect flower for Valentine’s Day. Young unmarried couples might go see kawazu-zakura flowers together… Read More Kawazu-zakura: Japan’s most romantic flower.