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empire state building during night time

Taiwan is a small island nation in East Asia, known for its vibrant culture, delicious food, and stunning natural beauty. Despite its size, Taiwan is full of amazing things. To do and see that will leave you inspired and in awe. I know there are a bunch of lists with similar things. What are the most visited touristy spots and probably any influence IG. I wanted to find something where I will… Read More

top8 singapore street food

When the heat of the tropical city gets too much, Singaporeans often head straight for their nearest hawker center or market. Here, you’ll find a cornucopia of cheap food and drinks, perfect for cooling off on a humid day. This explosion of street food is a relatively new phenomenon. Just 40 years ago, hawkers in Singapore sold primarily Malay, Indian, and Chinese cuisine. The government has since relaxed restrictions on where vendors… Read More

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