Where to Stay in Busan ( my favorites’ edition)

South Korea’s second-most populous city, Busan, is known for its rich history, neon lights, vibrant nightlife, and mouthwatering street food.But it is a massive and sprawling city, and choosing the best neighborhood to stay in Busan can be overwhelming. So I put together this guide, choosing my favorite and the five best areas to stay… Read More Where to Stay in Busan ( my favorites’ edition)

Nara Vol 2.

Nara National Museum Built in 1895, the National Museum is the city’s most famous museum and houses numerous significant works of art. The most famous one of the Nara period of the 8th century. Permanent collection includes several galleries dedicated to archaeological finds. As well as beautiful exhibitions of sculpture, paintings, and calligraphy. I would… Read More Nara Vol 2.

Nara Vol. 1.

Let’s start with the most popular one and the nevertheless than with the most significant wooden structures in the world.  1-Todaiji Temple Most mentioned and most photographed place in Nara, located in the heart of the city. Park is home to history, culture, and nature. Highlights include watching the park’s roe deer wander the woods… Read More Nara Vol. 1.