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top8 singapore street food

When the heat of the tropical city gets too much, Singaporeans often head straight for their nearest hawker center or market. Here, you’ll find a cornucopia of cheap food and drinks, perfect for cooling off on a humid day. This explosion of street food is a relatively new phenomenon. Just 40 years ago, hawkers in Singapore sold primarily Malay, Indian, and Chinese cuisine. The government has since relaxed restrictions on where vendors… Read More

aerial view of stalls inside building

Taiwan is a small island, but its street food culture is big! If you’re familiar with Chinese food, you’ll find plenty of that here. But street vendors and hawkers all over Taiwan specialize in local dishes you won’t find anywhere else. In other words: You need to eat your way through this country as quickly as possible – there are too many great things to try at once! All the best street… Read More

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