Things To Do and Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur city view , Malaysia
Kuala Lumpur

That’s my personal, and researched list of to-dos, so feel free to suggest in the comment section places that I missed 🙂

It’s a mane draft of my travel itinerary, which will be transformed in to separate posts with pictures and details, and hopefully, even travel scribbles after my trip to Malaysia.

1. Petronas Twin Towers, Kuala Lumpur City Centre

Petronas Twin Towers is the pride of Malaysia. Located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur city, Petronas Twin Tower is a twin skyscraper with 88 floors with Suria KLCC shopping complexes with boutiques, restaurants, cafeterias and entertainment outlets below the twin towers.

2. Shopping in Kuala Lumpur

KL city is the most popular city center in Malaysia for its mega shopping complexes for shoppers. During the mega sale KL, especially during the year-end, make sure to shop till you drop as sales will go up to 70% with jaw-dropping discount prices. And that’s why I’ve booked a piece of extra luggage for the return flight. 

3. KLCC Park

 Visit KLCC Park, just right below of KLCC, a good place for jogging and walking with the beautiful light show, pools and fountains as well as children’s playground.

4. Batu Caves

Batu Caves is a limestone hill and is one of the popular landmarks in Kuala Lumpur. And you need to climb 272 concrete steps to the mouth entrance of the cave. During the Thaipusam, thousands come to this sacred place to celebrate the Hindu festival and devotes are carrying their Kavadi on their shoulders. I’m getting ready for a cave expedition and squeeze through the beautiful and natural limestone cave with different cave formations.

5. KL Bird Park

 Popular tourist attraction in Kuala Lumpur with over 200 species of birds.

6. Aquaria KLCC

Head over to Aquaria KLCC to see aquatic and land animals right in the heart of KL.

7. Central Market

A famous landmark and a good place to shop for souvenirs and handicrafts.

8. Sri Mahamariamman Temple

 A national heritage and the oldest Hindu temple in Kuala Lumpur.

9. Little India

Kuala Lumpur is a popular landmark for tourists with a high percentage of Indian residents and businesses. A place to shop for traditional Indian products such as saris, spices and delicacies. I choose this place to experience a small fraction of Bollywood. 

10. Lookout Point – on hold/under reconstruction

Get a romantic dinner with loved one at the hilltop of Ampang Lookout Point and get a full view of Kuala Lumpur city at night. I guess, if you don’t have a significant one with you, still you will be able to enjoy the view.

11. Butterfly Park

Known as the largest butterfly garden in the world with over 5000 live butterflies, exotic plants, live insects and ferns.

12. Wat Meh Liew Temple

 Wat Meh Liew Thai Buddhist Temple is a famous temple located at Jalan Tun Razak, Pekeliling, Kuala Lumpur. Many tourists & locals visit this temple to get blessing from Chief Abbot, pray for luck and success in career.

13. Low Yat Shopping Mall, the IT heaven

One of the largest shopping mall with huge variety of shops under one roof. A famous place to shop for computer peripherals, mobile phones, collectible items and IT stuff, and enjoy some good food on the lower floor of Low Yat.

14. KL Railway Station

The oldest train station and historic building in Kuala Lumpur.

15. Sze Ya Temple

Sin Sze Si Ya Temple was founded in 1864 by Kapitan Yap Ah Loy.

16. Live concert

Really wanna go to a live concert myself in Kuala Lumpur and watch international artists from all around the world, including Hong Kong, Taiwan, Korea and many more performing on the stage. Hope there will be something interesting what to write about afterwards.

17. Imbi Market

Have a good breakfast at Imbi Market and other mouth watering foods.

18. Putrajaya bridge

Suitable place for photo snapping for wedding, portfolios or just enjoy the Putrajaya Bridge with beautiful lighting’s at night.

19. Templer Park

A popular attraction in KL with a forest surrounding, hear the sound of a bird chirping or just relax by the chilling waterfall.

20. Petaling Street, Chinatown

Known as Chee Cheong Kai in Chinese, Petaling Street is located in Kuala Lumpur to find dozens of food stalls and restaurants. This is one of the KL attractions hot spots among the locals and tourists around the world.

21. Jalan Alor

Jalan Alor is famous for its food street with wide varieties of local foods to choose. Find lots of tourists and local Malaysian busy feasting good food by the roadside.

22. Menara KL Tower

The Kuala Lumpur Tower in located in the heart of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The KL Tower is the tallest telecommunication tower in Southeast Asia stands at 421 m and provides a fine view of KL city. Make sure to dine at the highest restaurant in Malaysia for good food and beverages while enjoying the panoramic view of Kuala Lumpur city.

23. Muzium Negara (National Museum)

The National Museum is located on Jalan Damansara and near the Lake Gardens. It has a equal-design of Gadang House, one of the Minangkabau house designs which makes it one of the unique buildings in Malaysia.

24. Nasi Lemak

Nasi Lemak is a delicious national rice dish of Malaysia .Served with pandan fragrant rice, sambal, ikan bilis, and curry. This dish is available at Malay restaurant, and mamak stalls.

25. Shopping at the Pavilion

Pavilion KL is located in the center of Bukit Bintang and one of the best place to shop for branded clothes, jewelry, shoes, bags and many more for lifestyle needs.

26. Thean Hou Temple

Thean Hou Temple is a famous landmark with beautiful Chinese architectural design located in Kuala Lumpur. Many Chinese people in Malaysia and attracting tourists to this temple for worship, attend annual events as well as marriage registration.

27. Visit Thai Buddhist Chetawan Temple

Chetawan Temple is located at Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya and is a Thai Buddhist Temple where many people come to worship Buddha and pray for good blessing in life, business and career.

28. FRIM – on hold/under reconstruction

Breath some fresh cool air and get to sight see the beautiful flora and fauna at the Forest Research Institute Malaysia. The best way is to rent a bicycle to explore the area, dive in chilling waterfall, jungle trekking or head over to the canopy walk, one of the attractions available in Kuala Lumpur.

 29. Lok-Lok

Planning to find some Lok Lok for supper, with food skewered on sticks, dip it in many types of sauce. I hope it will be delicious!

30. Kut Teh

Thinking about eating Bak Kut Teh in Kuala Lumpur, the first thing that came to my mind is the Jalan Ipoh Bak Kut Teh. Serving the best meaty pork ribs with herbs soup.

31. Eat Rojak

Rojak is a mixture of fruits including mango, cucumber, bean sprouts, pineapple and vegetable salad dish with sauce. Rojak can be found anywhere in Kuala Lumpur, from the mamak stalls to roadside stalls.

32. Eat at Yut Kee Coffee Shop

 Eat the delicious breakfast at Yut Kee Coffee Shop located at Jalan Dang Wangi, KL.

 33. Eat Satay

Sliced chicken meat, goat, mutton and beef skewered and grilled on sticks and best dip in satay sauce. Sounds so yummy!

5 Comments on “Things To Do and Places to Visit in Kuala Lumpur

  1. No 10. I believe it already close for public because of some issue/renovation.

  2. You’ve pretty much got everything in KL covered! Should note that the FRIM canopy walk has been closed for over a year now as they are working to strengthen the trees. Also try some boba tea, especially anything labeled “brown sugar”! I recommend the brand Tiger Sugar when you make it here. If you want a really unique souvenir, go to the Royal Selangor Visitor Centre in Setapak Jaya. They also offer free tours of their factory there. I’m still trying to save up for one of their pewter tankards!

    Hope you enjoy your trip to KL!

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