30 Days of December

What I’ve learned from doing multiple 30-day challenges is that it’s rarely about the daily task and more about what comes from a month of doing something consistently.

The Key To A Successful 30-Day Challenge Is Doing Something Achievable

We all want to lose weight (well, 99% of us). We all want to get better at some skill (writing, reading, exotic carpentry, etc). People have something that they want to improve, but it likely never gets improved because we swing for the fences. Ideally, your 30-day challenge task should take less than an hour each day. In fact, I’d recommend picking something you can do in 10-15 minutes per day, especially if you’ve never done something consistently for 30 days before.

It’s human nature to go to extremes. But extremes are rarely where progress is actually made. Getting better, honing a skill, or losing weight (in this case), comes with consistency and repetitive effort.

So let’s start small. My 30-day challenge is -30 blog posts, about 30 topics that is December. And yeah, believe me I know that December has 31 day, but guess what I wanted 1 day for celebration 😉

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