Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

ancient architecture beautiful buddhism
ancient architecture beautiful buddhism

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a remarkable destination that is steeped in rich cultural and religious significance. Located in the heart of Singapore’s Chinatown. This temple is a must-visit for anyone interested in Buddhism, architecture, or history.

History and Significance

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple

The Buddha Tooth Relic Temple was completed in 2007. And is a relatively new addition to Singapore’s cultural and religious landscape. Despite its relative youth, the temple has quickly become one of the city’s most popular tourist destinations. Attracting visitors from around the world.
The temple’s name is derived from its most prized possession. A tooth relic that is said to have belonged to the Buddha himself. The story of how this relic came to be in Singapore is fascinating. According to legend, a Burmese monk named Uppalavanna had a dream. In which he was told to go to China to retrieve a tooth relic of the Buddha. He embarked on this journey and eventually found the relic in a cave in Yunnan province. After some difficulties transporting the relic, it finally arrived in Singapore in 2002.
Today, the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is home to not only the tooth relic. But also a museum, a vegetarian restaurant, and a rooftop garden. The temple’s architecture is also worth noting, as it is designed to reflect the Tang dynasty style of Chinese architecture.

Practical Information

If you are planning a visit to the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple, you should keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, the temple is a place of worship, so visitors are expected to dress modestly and behave respectfully. This means covering your shoulders and knees, and refraining from taking photos or making noise inside the temple itself.
The temple is open to visitors from 7am to 7pm every day, and admission is free. However, if you would like to visit the museum, there is a small fee of SGD $2. The vegetarian restaurant and rooftop garden are also open to visitors. But they have separate opening hours and may require an additional fee.

How to get there?

Buddha Tooth Relic Temple & Museum
Address: 288, South Bridge Road. Singapore 058840 
Website: https://www.buddhatoothrelictemple.org.sg/
Nearest MRT:  NE4  DT19  Chinatown (Exit A)

In conclusion

the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple is a must-visit destination for anyone interested in Buddhism, architecture, or history. Its rich cultural and religious significance, stunning architecture, and peaceful atmosphere make it a truly unique and memorable experience. If you are planning a trip to Singapore, be sure to add the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple to your itinerary.

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