Feng Chia Night Market

Fengjia Night Market or Feng Chia Night Market, also called Fengjia Shopping Town, is a night market in Xitun District, Taichung, Taiwan. The market is located next to Feng Chia University. It was claimed to be the largest night market in Taiwan. Fengjia Night Market is a street food market with 200 stands in Taichung, Taiwan. Noteworthy foods include egg pancakes, stinky tofu, and more.


Fengjia, otherwise known as Feng Chia, Night Market came to life in 1963 alongside Fengjia University to meet the needs of nearby military residents. Once 2006 arrived, a committee of Fengjia Shopping Town (逢甲購物商城) was established. This covered Fengjia Night Market along with Bento street and was bought under the Taichung City Government’s ordinance.

From there, the committee improved the night market’s management, sustainable practices, and friendliness toward foreigners. Now it’s a night market experience in Taichung City packed with street food stalls, shops, and visitors.


  1. Food Stalls: Feng Chia Night Market is a paradise for food lovers. You can find many delicious Taiwanese street foods such as stinky tofu, grilled squid, bubble tea, oyster omelets, fried chicken cutlets, and more. Feel free to try new things and explore the different stalls to find your favorite food.
  2. Shopping: A night market is also a great place for shopping. You can find a variety of affordable clothing, shoes, accessories, and souvenirs. Bargaining is expected, so be prepared to negotiate with the vendors for the best price.
  3. Entertainment: Feng Chia Night Market is more than just food and shopping. There are also various entertainment options, such as carnival games, street performers, and live music performances. It’s a great place to relax and enjoy the lively atmosphere.
  4. Feng Chia University: The night market is near Feng Chia University, one of Taiwan’s most prestigious universities. You can stroll around the campus to see the beautiful architecture and gardens.
  5. Massage and Foot Spa: After a long day of exploring the night market, you can take a break and pamper yourself with a massage or a foot spa. Several massage parlors and foot spa centers are located around the night market.

A Youbike (called iBike in Taichung) station is located at the intersection of Fengjia Rd and Fuxing Rd (逢甲福興路口).

From Taipei City:

Take a long-distance intercity bus from Q-Square Long Distance Bus Station (next to Taipei Main Station) to Chaoma (朝馬), then take a taxi or Youbike to Feng-Chia. You can rent a motorbike or taxi or order an Uber. Otherwise, take buses 33, 35, or 37 to Fengjia University near the market.

In conclusion, the Feng Chia Night Market is a must-visit destination in Taichung, Taiwan. It offers a unique and exciting experience with various food, shopping, and entertainment options. Remember to bring your camera to capture the vibrant atmosphere and memories of your visit to the night market.

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