Futami, Japan - April 26, 2014: The Meoto Iwa Wedded Rocks of Futami. The two rocks are connected by a shimenawa rope and celebrate the union of man and woman according to Shinto religious tradition.

Mie Prefecture might be difficult to visit owing to its rural location. Yet it is a rich mine of historical secrets and gorgeous sites worth your time. You might spend weeks exploring its incredible natural beauty and temples.

Fortunately, a location combines all of the tranquil prefecture’s charm in one place.
A walking trip along Ise city’s beach-studded coastline will take you to the famed romantic landmark. The Meoto Iwa rock formation, including a funny frog shrine.

The full moon rises over Meoto Iwa, the famous wedded rocks of Japan.

Begin at the Meoto Iwa Higashiguchi bus stop. You may sample local food, buy souvenirs. Visit the Ise Sea Paradise Aquarium or Ise Meoto Iwa Shopping Plaza while you’re here. Ryugu Shrine may be found by following the trail that leads from the retail complex.

The temple is dedicated to Ryujin, the dragon deity of the seas. The Japanese term Ryuu means “dragon.” The water that pours from the stone jaws of this legendary beast. Is utilized to cleanse guests.

Pass the temple and approach closer to Meoto Iwa, popularly known as the Wedded Rocks. The two boulders in the water, fewer than 700 meters apart, are forever linked by a thick ceremonial rope. This romantic spot is recognized as one of Japan’s 23 UNESCO World Heritage Sites.

So many ways to view Meoto Iwa.

The two rocks are one of the prefecture’s main religious attractions because they represent the deities Izanagi and Izanami, who, according to Japanese tradition, gave birth to the Japanese islands and many of the kami (holy spirit) pantheon.

Meoto Iwa is a favorite destination for newlyweds because the rocks signify marriage and the act of creation.
On a clear day, couples queue up to get the ideal romantic snapshot. With the pair in the foreground, the entangled rocks in the middle ground. And Mount Fuji itself in the distance, all in one frame.

The frog shrine

After capturing the ideal photograph at one of Ise’s most attractive locations. Travel to Futami Okitama Shrine, famous for its frogs.
Amphibians are regarded as messengers of the Great God Sarutahiko, and their presence is highly valued.

froggy’s taking a bath.

The frogs at the shrine, according to local belief, have the power to grant your wishes. The fixation with these croakers stems from the fact that the Japanese word for frog, kaeru. It is a homonym for the phrase for returning things to their rightful owners. Pour some water on the skulls of these mythical beasts to reclaim lost items.

Things To Know

For the best experience, Meoto Iwa should be visited during high tide. When the rocks are separated by water. Visibility needs to be extraordinarily good at the time of your visit in order for Mt. Fuji to be visible.

How To Get There

By train

The main train station for the area is JR Futaminoura station. From Futaminoura station, it is a 15 to 20-minute walk to the Meoto Iwa area. 

By bus

To start the route as described in the article you will need to take the bus to 夫婦岩東口 bus stop. This bus costs ¥400 but saves you the walk.

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