Ocean Expo Park

The Ocean Expo Park’s Fountain Plaza seen from the Central Gate

The Ocean Expo Park (, Kaiyhakuken) is a vast park on the tip of the Motobu Peninsula in northern Okinawa Honto. That was established in 1976 to honor the Okinawa International Ocean Expo, held there the previous year. The Churaumi Aquarium, Japan’s best aquarium, is the park’s primary feature.

The park spans roughly three kilometers along the shore. Beautiful walking trails link the numerous sights and services.

A house in the Native Okinawan Village

The Native Okinawan Village is located right adjacent to the museum. It is a small open-air museum featuring about twenty dwellings and other buildings representing Okinawa’s various historical periods and locations.
There is no entry fee or personnel, and guests are free to stroll between the buildings at their leisure.

A wide range of tropical flora may be found throughout Ocean Expo Park, including walking routes and two arboretums.
The Tropical Dream Center is also a well-kept botanical garden with a diverse collection of tropical trees and plants housed in different greenhouses. The complex also has a 36-meter-tall observation tower modeled after the Tower of Babel.

Emerald Beach, a beautiful sand beach, is located at the northern end of Ocean Expo Park. Emerald Beach is separated into three distinct zones, each facing a different direction: playing and swimming, resting, and gazing.

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