#16 day of February – Penang National Park

It may be Malaysia’s smallest national park, but it should not be overlooked while considering the top things to do in Penang.
Penang National Park, located on the island’s northwestern coast, has numerous excellent hiking paths through the forest, the majority of which will lead you to one of the park’s many hidden beaches!
Pack plenty of water for your trip, and consider camping overnight in one of the cottages provided on the beaches.


Map of Penang National Park Malaysia

Before you begin your journey in the park, you must stop at a booth and submit your name, passport number, and whether or not you want to camp there. Although admission is free, they want to maintain control over who enters and departs the park.

There’s also a large sign with a map of the park and several existing pathways. We could see on the map that one of the biggest attractions, the Canopy Walkway, was closed.
It is a 250-meter-long wooden bridge hung 15 meters above the ground among the woods. If you happen to discover it open, you must pay 5 MYR at the visitors’ registration office to cross it.

Please see the pages listed below for further information on these Penang National Park attractions.

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