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There are so many things to eat on the streets of Beijing that it’s almost intimidating for a newbie. If you ask any ex-pat in Beijing about street food, you will get a similar answer: If you want to eat well for dirt cheap in this city, you must go to the streets. Where do you start? What should you eat? And where can you find your favorite dish again? From Hotpot to Skewers,… Read More

The Dragon is the symbol of the Emperor in ancient China. Who has a title as a real dragon and son of Heaven. The Forbidden City is the imperial palace for the Emperor and the royal family in Beijing. This grand and unmatched palace complex uses enormous dragon motifs and ornaments to make it glamorous, splendid, and unique. It shows the Emperor’s noble statue, supreme authority, and pure majesty. From the number… Read More

Why are the roof tiles yellow in the Forbidden City? Yellow tiles were reserved for use on the roofs of royal palaces, mausoleums, imperial gardens, and temples. This, it is said, was because yellow is the color of the Yellow River, once believed to be the cradle of the Chinese civilization. The main colors of the Forbidden City are yellow and red. The walls, pillars, doors, and windows were mostly painted red…. Read More

Beijing, 北京市中国

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