Beijing Dragons, 北京市中国

dragon of forbidden city beijing

The Dragon is the symbol of the Emperor in ancient China. Who has a title as a real dragon and son of Heaven. The Forbidden City is the imperial palace for the Emperor and the royal family in Beijing. This grand and unmatched palace complex uses enormous dragon motifs and ornaments to make it glamorous, splendid, and unique. It shows the Emperor’s noble statue, supreme authority, and pure majesty. From the number of dragons and the place, it stands in the Forbidden City.

And Dragon appears in the buildings of the Forbidden City in a considerable number. According to the records, the number of dragon ornaments in the Hall of Supreme Harmony amounts to 12654. One of the halls in the Forbidden City. When entering the Forbidden City, you can see numerous spectacular and majestic dragon ornaments. In any building in the palace, you can see lots of dragon motifs on the roof, door, pillar, and so on. This gives The Forbidden City a title as the home of the Chinese Dragon.

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