Katsuren Castle Ruins, 勝連城跡

The Katsuren Castle Ruins (勝連城跡, Katsurenj-ato) is located on a high hill near the seashore and provides beautiful countryside views below.The ancient castle’s stone walls and foundations are all that remain. The site is one of the Ryukyu Kingdom’s UNESCO World Heritage-listed Castles. Katsuren Castle was known as Lord Amawari’s residence in the 15th century.… Read More Katsuren Castle Ruins, 勝連城跡

Nakijin Castle Ruins, 今帰仁城跡

Are among the Ryukyu Kingdom’s UNESCO World Heritage Castles and are located on the Motobu Peninsula in northern Okinawa Honto.In contrast to other Okinawan castles, Nakijin Castle is low-density amid beautiful woodlands, giving the remains a distinct ambiance. Nakijin Castle constructed in the late 1200s.Okinawa Honto split into three kingdoms during the Sanzan Period (1322-1429).… Read More Nakijin Castle Ruins, 今帰仁城跡