Nakijin Castle Ruins, 今帰仁城跡

Nakijin Castle Ruins, 今帰仁城跡

Are among the Ryukyu Kingdom’s UNESCO World Heritage Castles and are located on the Motobu Peninsula in northern Okinawa Honto.
In contrast to other Okinawan castles, Nakijin Castle is low-density amid beautiful woodlands, giving the remains a distinct ambiance.

Nakijin Castle constructed in the late 1200s.
Okinawa Honto split into three kingdoms during the Sanzan Period (1322-1429). The Hokuzan in the north, the Chuzan in the middle, and the Nanzan in the south. Nakijin served as the Hokuzan king’s citadel until conquered by the Chuzan. On their route to uniting the island and founding the Ryukyu Kingdom.

Nakijin Castle Ruins, 今帰仁城跡

The Nakijin Castle Ruins are located on the Motobu Peninsula in northern Okinawa Honto. Approximately 90 kilometers from Naha and a ten-minute drive from the Ocean Expo.

Hours and Fees

Hours 8:00 to 18:00 (until 19:00 from May to August)
Admission ends 30 minutes before closing
Closed: No closing days
Admission: 600 yen (castle and museum)
Typical Visit Duration: 30-60 minutes

Getting there and around:

From Naha, take a direct bus. The Yanbaru Express connects Naha’s airport and city center with Nakijin Castle. Get out at Nakijinjshi-iriguchi (), then walk uphill to the castle remains for 15-20 minutes. The round-trip journey takes roughly 2.5 hours and costs 2100 yen. Buses run every two hours or such.
The bus stops in central Naha at the Prefectural Office (, Kench Kitaguchi), Tomari Port, Furujima Station along the Yurail monorail, among other places.

Taking the bus from Nago

Bus lines 65 and 66 go in a circular and counterclockwise circle around the Motobu Peninsula. Get out at Nakijinjshi-iriguchi ( 45-60 minutes, 800 yen from Nago Bus Terminal, 1-2 buses every hour), then walk uphill 15-20 minutes to the castle remains. From Nago to the castle, the counterclockwise line 65 is faster, whereas the clockwise line 66 is faster in the other direction.

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