5 women-only getaways for total pampering and empowerment

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A woman’s health and well-being are vital not just for her but also for society.
Both men and women must take time out of their hectic lives to cleanse themselves for improved health. What could be better for ladies than women-only getaways that include leisure activities and skilled treatments?

“Communities and countries and ultimately the world are only as strong as the health of their women,”

Said former US First Lady Michelle Obama during a session of TED Talks on her ‘plea for education.’

Health retreats and their benefits

While dealing with stress on several levels. Whether at work or home, juggling meetings and children, papers, and dinner menus, the ‘superwomen’ require a break from time to time.
A vacation to a women-only health retreat. Whether with their girl gang or alone, helps them find much-needed tranquility and contributes to a comprehensive shift inside.

These retreats provide a variety of programs to help them unwind and feel revitalized. Ranging from surfing activities and spa treatments to yoga lessons. Healing and meditation sessions and a scrumptious assortment of traditional cuisines.

According to a Psychology Today article, Pamela Madsen, author of the book Shameless, states, “Retreats are about diving deeper and creating a chance for us to explore new ways of being and examine changes we might want to bring into our lives.”
“When women escape, they frequently seek a fresh viewpoint.”
Furthermore, they meet other ladies from all walks of life with similar thought processes and open the door to an entirely new universe.

While Bali is a popular destination for women-only retreats, few places in Asia, particularly Thailand, are similarly impressive.
Furthermore, while there are well-known meditation or spa retreats and tranquil spiritual retreats worldwide, the ones that focus on holistic wellbeing are the finest. Thus, a visit to a retreat works its magic.

So, the next time you arrange a health trip for yourself, skip the conventional travel destinations and instead go to a calm area to refresh yourself.

Escape Haven, Bali

Escape Haven is the place to go if you want to be pampered and completely revitalized. You may engage in various ways, including Ayurvedic therapy, detox, Pilates, and adventurous activities like surfing.
The retreat also provides premium programs such as the Bucket List and the Luxury Yacht. While the former offers thrilling activities for adventure seekers like boat tours, snorkeling, kayaking, and frequent sightseeing. And other luxury elements, the latter’s most notable feature is sailing through one of the most famous UNESCO World Heritage sites Komodo National Park. The magnificent islands are home to Komodo Dragons, which may be viewed under the supervision of a native guide. Escape Haven, one of the most popular female health retreats, reflects Janine Hall’s enthusiasm for creating it. According to the company’s website, “14 years ago, I initiated my goal of building a premium Bali yoga retreat.”
Over 10,000 women have decided to stay with us since then.”

Escape Heaven’s luxury stay options are plentiful and class apart in the ornately designed private retreat villas or VIP rooms with a personal jacuzzi.

You may also enroll in their Breathwork Training or Yin Yoga Teacher Training programs, which will prepare you to practice the practices independently.

The Palm Tree House, Bali

The Palm Tree House, described on its official website as “born from global award-winning, Escape Haven Retreats,” celebrates all that is Bali.
The five options are women Only, Pop-up Couples Retreat, Pop-up Mums and Bubs Retreat, Group Bookings, and Adventure Yacht Retreats.
With five retreat villas that can accommodate up to seven people each, their women-only package provides a variety of alternatives that you may tailor to your preferences.

Furthermore, a dash of traditional Balinese culture will complement your luxury, laid-back vacation. The villas are elegantly designed in a Balinese style and are surrounded by Moroccan-style tropical gardens.
This sanctuary with a warm and welcoming staff of specialists eager to welcome you into a home away from home. Should be on your must-visit list if you plan a detox holiday alone or with your female besties. You may pick from six distinct retreats under one umbrella: Surf and Yoga, Fitness, Healing, Yoga and Spa, Detox, and Pilates. They also have a sparkling pool, as the name implies.

Absolute Sanctuary, Thailand

This award-winning women-only retreat is located northeast of Koh Samui, also known as the ‘Island of Healing.’

A part of a popular health and fitness brand Absolute You, in Thailand, Absolute Sanctuary is one of the best fitness and wellness retreats in Asia. Their cuisine department is appropriately titled The Love Kitchen. Will make you fall in love with its healthy yet low-calorie meals crafted with superfoods and organic ingredients.
It provides nutritious and balanced meals that are also delicious without the use of chemicals or trans fat.

Their website “take a holistic approach to wellness that centers around your needs.” By offering programs that “seek to address individual goals. Whether it is to detox, pamper, de-stress, or manage your weight. Change your lifestyle, indulge in either yoga or Pilates, or simply enjoy a meaningful holiday.”

They provide over twenty programs split across fifteen categories, providing you with many possibilities and assisting you in bringing about a transformation in yourself from the inside.

Ocean Soul Retreat, Bali

It is well-known for its holistic approach to the mind, body, and spirit.
The resort provides much more than yoga and other health therapies.
Consider traditional Balinese healing and reiki, which can help balance your body’s energy and keep negativity at bay.

While the ‘Freedive Program’ is one of its distinctive characteristics, another lovely approach to rest your mind is to experience marine life up close. Which is what ‘Freedive’ is all about.
In addition, with an emphasis on nutrition. A nutritious and balanced lunch is included in all packages, which promotes ‘clean eating.’
“It’s a voyage between two breaths, a journey into the absolute edges of human capability. A journey into the unknown, and above all, it’s an inside journey,” their interesting programs state.

Bliss Sanctuary for Women, Bali

As the name implies, this premium women-only resort is not for couples or children. It is, nevertheless, an ideal destination for your next solo or all-girl detox trip. At this lovely retreat, you may rest, unwind, learn and practice yoga, and meet other like-minded ladies.
Bliss Sanctuary, according to its website, is more than simply a standard health retreat that provides a healing and wellness vacation.

It also offers premium experiences through its one-of-a-kind itineraries.
There are around sixteen packages ranging from Self Empowerment to Humanitarian. As well as entertaining packages for thrill-seekers, foodies, and cultural enthusiasts.

As part of their Fab Foodie Retreat Package, you can taste authentic Balinese specialties and visit other restaurants to learn about the culinary culture. Finally, unwind with their one-of-a-kind spa treatments, which include a fantastic bath selection.

Which one would you like to visit?

Source: Best women-only retreats in Asia

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