#11 day of February – Entopia Butterfly Garden

Entopia a scenic butterfly farm in Penang

Malaysia offers a variety of gorgeous parks where we may commune with nature.
Some of the nicest are filled with flowers and butterflies, making us feel as if we’ve stumbled into a Studio Ghibli film’s garden — for example, Entopia, a butterfly farm in Penang.

Giant Stag And Rhino Beetle Replicas At Entopia Penang Butterfly Garden
Giant Stag And Rhino Beetle Replicas At Entopia Penang Butterfly Garden – photo credits to myentopia (Instagram)

This park not only has 15,000 free-flying butterflies and 200 different plant species, but it also resembles the Cloud Forest in Singapore’s Gardens By The Bay, with its dome steel-frame canopy, waterfalls, and lots of Instagram-worthy places.

Entopia was once known as the Penang Butterfly Garden, opening its doors in 1986. However, it has now reinvented itself as a nature-learning center with a conservation park available to the public.

Blue Tiger Butterfly Spotted At Entopia Penang Butterfly Farm – photo credits to @man_lie_123 (Instagram)

Even from the outside, it’s rather stunning. Over 80,000 plants will produce a green wall that replicates the surface patterns. According to Entopia’s website, The Malaysia Book of Records named it the “Biggest Green Wall” in Malaysia in 2017.

Rajah Brooke’s Birdwing Butterfly At Entopia by Penang Butterfly Farm – photo credits to @reginaweibel (Instagram)

But take your time and enter this butterfly farm to see the Natureland butterfly aviaries. It’s a vivarium — a cage meant to retain creatures in semi-natural settings – with greenhouse temperatures to host hundreds of butterflies and plants. Inside, you’ll see waterfalls, pools with floating lily pads, and caverns, among other things.

Home Tree

It’s a big tree with distinct branches that resemble a person’s hand that grazes the top of the roof. After you’ve had enough of the gardens, make your way inside to Entopia’s Cocoon Indoor Discovery Centre. Two-story exhibition venue with intriguing galleries, such as the Pandora Forest. An interactive environment where you can learn about butterfly and moth folklore and myths.

Natureland – Outdoor Section

Natureland is the highlight of Penang Butterfly Farm: With an outdoor living garden vivarium where you can see butterflies, reptiles and other artistic garden features! The entire Entopia pathway is 1.18km long!

Main attractions include:

  • Aroma Trail
  • Dragon Path
  • Mystery Cave
  • Tiger Falls
  • Home Tree
  • David’s Garden


  • Wear bright colors to attract butterflies to you
  • Check the weather forecast before you buy your tickets
  • Visitors can visit The Cocoon (indoor section) first if it rains
  • Umbrellas are available upon request on rainy days

Cocoon – Indoor Section

A 2-story indoor exhibition and activities with world-class facilities to self-explore the world of invertebrates!

Main attractions include:

  • Lumino City
  • Cinerama
  • Downtown Entopia
  • Understory Tales
  • Underground Mysteries
  • Pandora Forest
  • Metamorphosis
  • Breeding Ground

Tapestree Café

Stop by for a quick refuel at the Tapestree in-house café in Natureland. Tapestree Café is open from 10am to 5pm.

What you’ll like:

  • The reptiles are just as interesting as the butterflies
  • Improved facilities since the renovation
  • Knowledgeable staff are helpful in providing explanations
  • Certain sessions allow visitors to hold the scorpions, iguanas, and more
  • 4pm butterfly release session allows you to release butterflies that have just evolved from pupa.
  • Kids love it there!

Good to know:

  • Cooler in the mornings and evenings but butterflies are more active during sunny days!
  • Dress light as it can get warm in the butterfly park
  • Watch where you step as butterflies may land on the ground
  • Expect to spend a minimum of 2 hours in the park
  • Getting a taxi back may take time

Address: 830 Jalan Teluk Bahang, 11050 Penang, Malaysia
Opening hours: Thu – Tue, 9AM-6PM (Closed on Wednesdays)
Telephone: 04-888 8111

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