#10 day of February – Tropical Spice Garden

Who knew plants could be so fascinating?
The Tropical Spice Garden, a renowned eco-friendly Penang attraction, is a garden with 500+ types of herbs and spices. There are guided tours available, or you may take an audio tour at your speed. Book one of their unique night excursions to view the garden in a new light.

Prepare to enter an enchanting wonderland and South-East Asia’s only award-winning spice garden at the Tropical Spice Garden.
Penang’s first and only entirely constructed and equipped culinary school is the spice garden. This tourist site is named second out of 38 top must-see attractions on the island of Penang; therefore, it is unquestionably a must-see on your vacation to Penang.

A visit to the spice garden is an excellent opportunity to learn about spices and their many advantages. You may even take advantage of the abundance of fresh spices by cooking using herbs straight from the garden.

When it comes to culinary classes, you have the option of taking Malay, Chinese (Nyonya), or Indian courses.
You are cooking in the garden, which appears to be the spitting image of an oasis of tranquility, maybe very serene, albeit with naughty monkeys in the park, which is terrific if you’ve brought little children with you!

Although the Tropical Spice Garden has a somewhat hefty admission cost of RM25 (including the guided tour), you can be confident that the expenses are well worth it. The garden is exceptionally well-kept, and the view from some areas is truly spectacular, especially for nature lovers. You’ll learn so much about spices from a superb and fascinating tour guide for the garden.

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