The Most Beautiful Restaurant in Japan – Kyoto Kitcho

Kyoto Kitcho, is a 3 Michelin Star restaurant nestled in Arashiyama. It’s one of the most respected restaurants in Japan. And definitely up there for the most beautiful, not only in Japan, but in the entire world.

The aesthetics of a restaurant are just as important as the cuisine itself to the entire eating experience.
Every excellent concert, like a play, requires a compelling set. As you enter Kitcho, you’ll be astounded by the care with which they use the surroundings to establish the tone of the evening. A well-kept garden with paper lanterns on the floor. Pouring soothing light over the trees drooping over the walkway and onto the walls of the typical old home.
Inside, you’ll enter through beautifully painted screen doors and be seated in a spacious. Private tatami room with a lovely view of the surrounding gardens. This was previously the residence of a wealthy antique trader. But it has been home to one of Kyoto’s most excellent restaurants since 1948.

The current chef is the original owner’s grandson.

He took over in 1995, changing their traditional service approach to match new consumer needs.
Despite the less formal atmosphere, his restaurant remains one of the most incredible places. To immerse oneself in the authentic culture of Kyoto through their tea-ceremony-inspired experience. This family keeps historical traditions, and they take their responsibilities extremely seriously. This is the ultimate kaiseki feast for those who can afford it when it comes to cuisine.
Blue crab with vinegar jelly and barracuda sushi are two of the restaurant’s standout specialties.
The “hassun,” on the other hand, must be the ultimate highlight of the encounter. A rectangular package of seasonal foods is a visual and a culinary treat. Kyoto Kitcho Arashiyama is the only kaiseki restaurant you should ever try in your life.

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