#20 day of February – Masjid Kapitan Keling Mosque

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Another notable Georgetown attraction is the Kapitan Keling Mosque. The Indo-Moorish edifice, built by Penang’s earliest Indian Muslim residents (East India Company troops) at the intersection of Lebuh Buckingham and Lebuh Pitt, is located near the junction of Lebuh Buckingham and Lebuh Pitt in Georgetown.

The majestic main mosque in Georgetown

The biggest looks spectacular at twilight. After Cauder Mydin Merican, the Keling’s ‘kapitan’ (a renowned South Indian ethnic leader equivalent to the Chinese community’s shih tai ke). The whitewashed mosque includes a single typical Indian-Islamic minaret from which the muezzin’s call to prayer may be heard. As well as massive golden-yellow Mughal-style domes, crescents, and stars on its dome.

Kapitan Keling Mosque’s main prayer area is a long hallway with magnificent arches spreading across its external walkway. There are high, heavenly-white Gothic, Moorish, and Roman arches. Within the mosque, that provides depth to the already enormous prayer hall. Those who admire delicate designs should also look at the shimmering chandelier that hangs above. Keep in mind that guests must be appropriately dressed to attend this Georgetown attraction. Which entails long pants or skirts for ladies and shirts and long pants for males.

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