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My days are in the yellow leaf; The flowers and fruits of love are gone; The worm, the canker, and the grief, Are mine alone! Lord Byron

5-17-3 Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo-to 160-0022 Japan While bars, restaurants, and shops have no qualms about staying open late in Tokyo. For some reason, night markets have never quite taken off here as elsewhere. There are plenty of places with a similar loud, rowdy, and friendly atmosphere. The many yokocho and festivals are a great place to start—but if it’s shopping you want, the options are a tad narrow.

Hakodate, Hakodate, Japan

A lotus plant (Nelumbo Nucifera) flower, also known as the lotus or water lily, in Shinobazu Pond, Ueno Park, Taito City, Tokyo, Japan.

Peacocks are one of the most recognized birds on the planet, and with good reason.  They look magnificent with their iridescent feathers, fan-shaped tail, and tall display of feathers on each wing. In the last few decades, people have been able to keep peacocks as exotic pets, and so they are now found in many countries around the world. The most stunning peacocks have to be a white peacock, but some people… Read More

“As soon as one promises not to do something, it becomes the one thing above all others that one most wishes to do.”― Georgette Heyer, Venetia

Lake Inawashiro is in the center of Fukushima, taking its name from the Inawashiro area, and is known as the fourth largest lake in Japan. Its high level of transparency reflects the sky like a mirror, earning it the nickname “Sky Mirror Lake.” On sunny days, the clear water appears an even deeper shining blue.

The chrysanthemum represents longevity, rejuvenation and nobility in Japan. It is also the symbol of autumn, harvest and goodwill. Because of its auspicious meaning, the flower frequently appears on decorations, accessories, porcelains, kimonos and obis, as well as Japan’s 50 yen coin,

Japanese minimalism is a concept that focuses on keeping life simple, clean, and uncluttered by living with just the essentials. It’s inspired by the aesthetic of Japan’s traditional Zen Buddhism and can be seen in many different facets of everyday life, from their architecture to fashion choices.

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