Yosa Buson

Drinking up the clouds
it spews out cherry blossoms –
Yoshino Mountain.

Wind blows
they scatter and it dies
fallen petals

Petals falling
unable to resist
the moonlight

Sakura, sakura
they fall in the dreams
of sleeping beauty

Yosa Buson

2 thoughts on “Yosa Buson

  1. Hi Jelena, thanks for dropping by Bicyu, always nice to have a pro traveller visit us.
    The cherry blossom reminds me of my own time in ROK, Daegu actually, and a day trip to a small ( by Korean standards) city south during cherry blossom time. Absolutely stunning.

    Of course, we also have cherry blossom here in Beijing, but sadly as Shakespeare so aptly phrased it: “rough winds do shake the darling buds of May.” So the beauty is very short lived here.

    Again, thx for dropping by, we will sub edit your Xian post later and link to that.
    Oh, btw, something funny going on with your CONTACT links.


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