Top 10 Best Street Food in Busan


One thing everyone can agree on is that a vacation can be expensive. Especially in a country known for its delicious cuisine. For those on a budget or a hungry traveler. Wanting to capture the real essence of South Korea, indulging in scrumptious, street food is your best option. Here is a list of mouth-watering street snacks, guaranteed to satisfy those cravings while exploring the vibrant city of Busan.


The insatiable sweet tooth is a vice that many confess to having. Stuffed with pungent spices and sunflower seeds, this cinnamon and brown sugar pancake will not disappoint. Tourists visiting in winter would be at an advantage as they can enjoy the dessert, piping hot, which would counteract the effects of a frosty atmosphere. Nevertheless, the dish is enjoyed all year round and can be the perfect end to a night on the town.


Succulent chunks of chicken breast skewered with assorted vegetables and grilled on an open flame. The result is a tender and juicy explosion of flavors that are infused with a delicate balance of aromas emanating from the chili and garlic marinade. This cheap but wholesome delight is served with a spicy hot sauce, the perfect combination and the reason why this dish is to be enjoyed over and over again. These skewered jewels foster a taste that is reminiscent of irresistible barbecue delights.

Price: 2000 Won


A staple dish in Korea, spicy, braised, cylindrical rice cakes accompanied by a serving of boiled egg, fish cake or meat. Often used as an accompanying ingredient in iconic dishes such as ramen and fried chicken, this hearty snack is sure to satiate your hunger. Those who opt for a milder alternative can enjoy omuk (fish cakes) with these chewy treats or a cream sauce to sooth your taste buds. Vendors usually round off the snack with the addition of ramen or dumplings swimming in a pungent broth.

Price: 2500 Won

My favorite: Tteokbokki in omuk broth


Strangely enough, what appears to be a decadent dessert is in fact a variety of Korean sausage prepared with the intestinal lining of local pigs. The outer lining is then stuffed with delectable ingredients, including onions, garlic and fine glass noodles. This medley, together with the addition of pig’s blood makes for a mouth-watering snack that is then steamed and sliced. Usually served with slivers of pig’s liver, this rare delicacy can be savored while strolling through the streets of Busan, right from the comfort of a paper cup or toothpick allowing for easy disposal.

Price: 6000 Won

My favorite:: Sumptuous fillings


A frequent component of many desserts is a red bean filling. The chapssaltteok is similar to a Chinese steamed bun and contains a lightly sweetened red bean paste, spooned into a flattened dough ball formed from glutinous rice flour. The bun is then lightly steamed to preserve its doughy texture. This light and sugary snack pleases even the pickiest eater as the essence of the filling doesn’t overpower the dish.

Price: 1000 Won

My favorite:: Yaksik (Glutinous rice bars enriched with dried fruits and nuts)

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