Traveling Through Asia – Day 1-2-2019

It’s funny how we think that we are the ones who chose our destination; it’s not a real thing. To tell the truth, I never even thought about to visit those 2 cities. The funny moment is that I was gifted with Petronas towers replica a long time ago. That I couldn’t finish assembling, so the most recognized symbol of KL is still undone. But that not the point of this story. It’s more about things that we call coincidences.

So, this time my father accompanied me on my travels, and that was fun… I will spare you our “fun travels” to the airport.

But I must say that was extra festive thanks to the X-mas trees that were put all over the airport. And it was pretty empty at the airport in the morning on the 7th of December, 2019.

Airbaltic flight

Ok, maybe I’m biased on this one, overall that’s Latvian “national” aviation company overall. But let me tell you, this time, perfect crew, perfect place, and that was 31F, basically at the end of the plane.

And guess what, we were only 40 people going to AMS, so, almost each of us had their personal “bunk” bed. The crew was even so polite, that they gave me a pillow, so I could sleep all 2-hour flight. Horizontal.

As a frequent flyer, I learned to appreciate good airports, with good places to rest, eat, and charge, but still, some airports can surprise me.

Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, what can I say, perfectly constructed and equipped maze. A lot of food stalls, charging station, very comfortable sitting areas and places to incorporate all three things together. Perfect. From now on, I’ll try to transfer to AMS, preferably. They know how to take care of travellers. Without extra fuss and any kind of problems.

KLM flight

What can I say… if good… then nothing, and don’t think that I’m feeling somehow entitled; I paid myself for my tickets to Economy plus, and for Economy Comfort seats. But I didn’t see any comforts. The plane is outdated, comfort… I don’t know why they ask extra money for a kitchen chare, no footrest, and entertainment. Last century. Personal, can’t say that there was something not polite.

But… they were more comforting one of the crew members that was going back, rather than others. Food – I can’t judge, because of my allergies most of the time I have “special” food, so I can’t judge or comment on regular food. My portion was as usual, and it’s kind of understandable, there are not that many options for a lactose-free meal.

I understand that the first row by the emergency exit is more cramped one. Because your entertainment and your table are cramped in your armrest. But for goodnes’s sake, that doesn’t mean that you need to pay for that with sitting comfort.


Arriving… as every “mortal” first thought that crosses your mind after landing, is my luggage here, is it in one piece 😀 and second is how we should get to our hotel.

SO, my suggestion, just take a Grab to your hotel, don’t bother to use that express train to Central station, just Use Grab. The ride is cheaper, a lot, and it’s more comfortable. As an example – KLIA Express was 55 MYR per person, and Grab to the centre, specific hotel EXSIM | Expressionz Professional Suites @ Tun Razak for two persons was 65 MYR.

But if we are talking about hotel, there are MANY controversial statements. My troths on that topic are: Don’t waste your time and money on this S**it hole in the wall. I stayed in this hotel for four nights.

The first problem of this place:

Far from the centre, 0 shops, or any grocery store options around. 30-minutes walk to the nearest shopping mall and guess what, Malaysia is not very friendly for pedestrian walks. And pedestrian’s infrastructure is close to non-existing. Crossing the main roads is a life hazard. 30-minutes walk to the nearest bus station, so, you need to use a taxi a lot. We used Grab daily, and thank goodness it’s cheap. So we did go to a many sightseeing by Grab, with 0 problems to figure out the bus route. 


Breakfast… you better skip that if you don’t want to get food poisoning. The breakfast is served on the 8th floor. All cafeteria is an Open space, including kitchen part. Sorry, but I’m really not a big fan of bacon grease in the morning on my cloths.


You need to pay security or safety deposit money in case you break something. I think it’s ok if you say about that in the description.

And not changing rules during check-in. When the person has “WTF moment” being charged extra, for something you do not agree to.


In advertising are staged two pools and Jacuzzi. Sorry to burst your bubble, pool that you have free access is only kids pool on the eighth floor. Next to the cafeteria, from the second “problem”, and the view is – suburbs.

Forty – Eight floors “infinity pool” will cost you an extra 10 MYR / per day, and you need to pay it at the reception. Not that big of a deal, but imagine you went up for a swim, up to the 48th floor, and you are asked for entry money, even if, you are paying guest at the hotel (same goes for Gym). And if you are lucky and you have cash with you, you can’t pay by the door; you need to go down to the first floor and pay at the reception. *facepalm* Jacuzzi is broken, or if you are lucky and somehow manage to get it working, there will be only cold water.

For compressing, you can get a better hotel for a lower price, and 0 safety money and closer to the KLCC.

So the moral of the story. Don’t get it and it’s not me, ranting about something, I paid for a suite, and I was awaiting suite. I didn’t ask the hotel for extras or some special treatment. I’m not that kind of person, but I really hate when people try to take advantage of me and tweak rules.

Coming back to the Everyday blogging,

Malaysian ice cream with durian in a metal bowl Kuala Lumpur
Durian “ice-cream”

We have decided that at 18.00 it’s not smart to go and simply have a rest, so, we went on the exploration tour and found our “holy grail” .

The Intermark Tower – a lot of places to eat, food court is massive. And if you are too scared or not interested in local food exploration. Go to the ground floor, there is a supermarket.

To be continued…..

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