Why Busan,and not Seoul.

That’s simple, favorite things in Busan – Sea, eomuk, less touristy… and MEN. Specifically, men from Busan. Let me explain to you more detailed. 


I’m from Baltics, so we also have sea, and it’s nothing new for us, but there is a BIG difference in our Seas. South Koreas sea is warmer, diversity of fish and creatures is a loot bigger. So already a perfect combo for me because I can enjoy the view of the sea by eating local specialties dishes in a nearby restaurant. You can’t do that in the Soul, plus all seafood is not that fresh in Seoul. And the explanation is simple, any sea creature needs to be transported to Seoul, and in Busan, you are literally seating at sea.

Eomuk or Odeng 어묵(오뎅)

– if you did try this and you like it, you will understand me. This point is self-explanatory. It’s delicious; it can be eaten in various ways; it can be added to multiple dishes. And is it’s not that expensive. My guilty pleasure was to try each and every one variation of it while I was in Busan . And my mother helped me with it. And yes, there are also variations of it in Seoul. But let me tell you, most delicious ones I tried in Busan .

Even traditional cuisine is more delicious in Busan rather than in Seoul. Maybe I’m biased. But also, even if ahjumma was rude towards me (wasn’t the case all the time, but happened). Food that she serves was prepared with love. Because that person was proud of being Korean and wanted to show tourists that her food is the best. And guess what, it was. It’s funny because I understand and talk in Korean, freely. But I never use it when I’m in Korea. 

First of all, because the majority want to speak in English. Second because then you get to know what people really think of you. When they don’t know that you understand their language. 


My mom & I went shopping in Daiso and got on some kind of super sale. Long lines mostly Koreans, and the cashier was really stressed because of the number of customers. So that poor guy is working without even lifting his head from the register. Automatically saying hello, and what bag do you want, and guess what he says it in Korean, of course. Me on the other side, researching something on the phone. And in that situation, I was merely a credit card holder/ translator for my mom.

Automatically answering in Korean, no thanks, no need, and researching further. So he scans all stuff my mother accumulated by plundering all three floors of Daiso. (It’s similar to the dollar store in the US and Don Quijote in Japan) Suspecting nothing he asks for the card I pay by contactless card.

He is continuing advertising for some kind sale for some cosmetic brand. Finally looks at the customer, with whom he was communication IN KOREAN, and then there is silence.

Because he sees two Europeans, and my mother asks me in Latvian, what’s the problem. That was the head-shot for the poor guy. Latvian sounds like English, but it’s not English, so he can’t understand what’s happening. The rest of the line starts giggling.  

All ended well. Usually in Busan, when I’m starting to speak in Korean. I get that deer in headlights to look on people’s faces. That’s why I avoid speaking in Korean in public. But that doesn’t mean that I don’t understand when people talk to me in Korean 😉

Less touristy

Busan also has main attractions that are must-have to visit. But mainly there are not so many of them if we compare it to Seoul. It doesn’t mean that Busan is less impressive, just more authentic, without that cheap over the top Myeongdong flair. For me, overall, Busan is a more Insadong vibe.

Men from Busan

I understand that its everyone’s preferences that are the game changer, but let’s be honest. If you want a Flower Boy, Drama Queen, White collar, or a Hustler, surely Seoul got you covered. But if you want MEN, then you have to go to Busan.

And to prove my point here some names of Korean celebs that are from Busan:

1. CNBLUE’s Yonghwa

Yonghwa radiates the Busan Man persona. Confident and laid back, all his fans love his boyish, young-forever personality. It’s no wonder girls fall for him so easily.

2. CNBLUE’s Jonghyun

Jonghyun fits the Busan type perfectly. He’s quiet, calm, and laid-back— until one of his dongsaengs (usually Jungshin) irks him and then that Busan accent shows! He’s also confident as a guitarist and likes to take charge.

3. Simon D

Outspoken and a no-nonsense kind of guy, Simon D is the ultimate Busan Man. Not only is he outgoing and assertive, he’s also a rather caring guy with a mad passion for his significant other.

4. Gong Yoo

Suave and cool-headed, Gong Yoo perfectly reflects the Busan Man aura. His laid-back personality and confidence can even be seen through his acting. No one can doubt that this gorgeous guy is from Busan!

5. B.A.P‘s Daehyun

Known to be both shy and tough, Daehyun fits the Busan persona perfectly. On the outside, he looks threatening, but on the inside, he’s shy and a total sweetheart.

6. Kang Dong Won

With an IQ of 137 and a hardworking attitude, famous actor Dong Won has the tough guy, Busan-genius persona down pat. His wholesome looks and his strong acting only strengthen his Busan persona.

7. INFINITE‘s Hoya

Hoya being from Busan is just logical. An alpha personality, strong-willed, passionate, and a bit of a trickster, his confidence is nothing less than that of a Busan Man.

8. WINNER’s Kang Seung Yoon

Gentle and kind, yet wild and free, Seung Yoon has the Busan Man persona for sure! His gentle soul mixed with his bad-boy attitude always charms his fans.

9. Lee Joon Gi

Joon Gi’s silent stare is famous in all of his dramas! This actor portrays the manly Busan type with his composed, demure, and dominant persona. Don’t let those flower-boy looks fool you! He’s a master martial artist.

And last but most favourite reason WHY Busan is the best city in S.Korea by default.

It’s my Friend Milena 😛

And if you want to read her opinion about Why she thinks that Busan is the best city in S.Korea.


Also, you can read my Mothers opinion about this city. Only downside, her blog is partially in Russian.

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