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For many of us, Christmas and New year automatically mean presents for all family and friends. Due to the pandemic, we can’t even enjoy the happy moment of sharing gifts. We have to be more resourceful; our gifts have to be more meaningful due to the cost savings and overall financial situation. Do not forget, the act of giving, not always meant to be a material gift.

So, I have a few suggestions. 😉

Make a list and a budget.

If you’ve made a list of gifts to buy, you’ll have a good idea of how much money you’ll spend in total, although you still need to plan for unforeseen purchases and price variations! Avoid putting impulse purchases on a credit card that you know you won’t be able to pay for a long time. It is always possible to make good buys without spending a fortune.

Plan with the Internet

If you live far from larger shopping centers or simply don’t like the Christmas shopping craziness, buy online. Stick with well-known brands, get information about their delivery fees, deadlines for the holiday season, return policies, etc.

Look for deals!

There are coupons in the magazines, many coupons online, and many apps that can find you coupons online. So play smart, not hard.

As for online shopping, ask about the refund and exchange policies. If you buy an item in November, will it be exchangeable or refundable at the end of December or in January?

Beware of gift cards.

You might think that you’ll please someone by giving him/her a carte blanche, but there is increasing evidence that gift cards are not used by many, and therefore that the gift is never “consumed”. In this case, it is often better to give money directly instead of a gift card. But I have a good suggestion here, try to get an online gift card coupon that will provide more flexibility for the person who will get it. But ultimate gift card gifts are courses of some online experience.

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