Kuala Lumpur -Petronas Twin Towers & Durian

high rise buildings bird s eye view

Kuala Lumpur is a perfect mix of Tamil, Chinese, Malay. The city looks like a colorful patchwork that merges neighboring suburbs to create a hub of activity and commerce. Small shops can coexist with big luxurious shopping galleries. You can go to big chain restaurants if you want to try something you already know.

But I would suggest small restaurants with local food. Don’t be scared, it’s not poisonous 🙂

Ill will post my #foodpornmalaysia a little bit later and add a link here. If you research KL, the first thing you will see will probably be Petronas Towers and Orchid Road. But that’s not the only thing that there is. There is a wide variety of attractions for visitors to choose from. You are ranging from the more traditional to the more modern, depending on your tastes. There are temples and mosques to reflect the diversity of the city—spectacular futuristic towers and skyscrapers. Local markets and street food, and just about anything else, you can imagine.

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