10 Day of December #Comfort food

apple pie
apple pie with a dash of ice cream , by the fireplace

“Comfort food is the food that makes us feel good – satisfied, calm, cared for and carefree. It’s food that fills us up emotionally and physically. … Finding comfort in food is a basic human experience.” ~ Ellie Krieger

Let’s admit, when we are stressed – we eat, when we are happy – we eat, when we are sad – we eat… We try to accompany any emotion with the food. And that sometimes is a mane problem, but sometimes it’s a resolution.
My go-to comfort food is a piece of the pie, preferably an apple pie with the smack of ice cream on the side. But no matter how I love it, I know that I shouldn’t to eat it all the time 😉
That’s why some there are my favorite comfort dishes –>

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